The Owls Scout Active Support Unit


The “Owls” Scout Active Support Unit (SAS) is open to adults (18+) and its aims and objective are to help support Scouting in the Stowmarket District in a variety of different ways, many of which make use of the skills of our membership, of which a large number are ex-leaders and have given many years of dedicated service to the Scouting Movement.

We run a social programme for our members, and indeed we also currently have some District Officers and Group Leaders as part of our membership who find this is a great opportunity to “Network” and engage with the individual OWLs members to seek assistance with events such as training days, cub camps, manning promotional stands at public events for the district, maintenance of campsite facilities etc.

Collectively we look to support the major District events and have even been known to perform an “Owl’s sketch/number” in our District Gang Show.

Many leaders find that during their busy lives there often comes a time where it is difficult for them to continue a role in Scouting on a day to day basis but would still like the opportunity to maintain a connection and a much smaller active involvement with the movement. The OWL’s is a great conduit to help people remain within the organisation, or for them to gently come back into the movement after a break.

The OWL’s also welcomes anybody new to Scouting to come and join us.


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