Greetings Scouts, supporters and enthusiasts. I’d like to take a brief moment of your time to introduce myself; James Donlin and the newly formed Stowmarket district, Network- Scout Active Support group, named Maelstrom.

This introduction is aimed as a two-fold objective; to recruit those interested in joining our new group and to highlight the groups aspirations and functions, so that other groups within the Stowmarket district may seek to engage with us.


The aims of the group are:

– To provide a catchment for members of Network about to transcend the age maximum of 25.

– To provide a recruitment opportunity for anyone wishing to get involved in Scouting, that may not wish to join a local troop or commit too much of their personal time.

– To co-exist and operate in parallel to the districts Network group; Incendia. Attending and supporting their training nights and events.

– To provide a pool of ‘Human Resource’ from which individual groups/troops and or district may call upon to augment a group, an activity or camp. Be this to provide additional numbers, to provision of additional activity leaders or sessional instructors, should we be fortunate enough to gain members with particular expertise.


Regarding recruitment, we’re open for anyone to join us providing they meet the minimum age criteria of 18. This age criteria comes with a mandatory DBS check to ensure compliance with Scouting rules and regulations. There is no upper joining age limit, nor is there a minimum mandatory amount of time you must commit to. We’re here to provide an opportunity to anyone who wishes to get involved in Scouting and supporting the district. The idea is to be as inclusive as possible, the more the merrier! We’re a friendly bunch with no shortage of opportunity for social and informal gatherings as well as engaging in planned Network meetings where you may impart your own skills, wisdom and experience to the group, and or benefit from the groups collective knowledge and interests. We’re not here to usurp existing groups or troops just to provide additional opportunity within the district.

If you’re interested in joining our merry band, please do make contact with either myself, Elliot Watson, Mathew Gilbert or anyone from the district who can sign post you towards us. We look forward to greeting you soon.